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对于非负整数X而言,X的数组形式是每位数字按从左到右的顺序形成的数组。例如,如果 X = 1231,那么其数组形式为 [1,2,3,1]

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Homestead Act 措施

the spike in western migration came with the Homestead Act of 1862.
In this period, individuals could apply for a 160-acre homestead west of the Mississippi River.
the land was free but in order to get the deed the owner had to build a 12 by 14 foot home and grow crops for five years.

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Please write about your new understanding of the American westward movement in about 200-300 words. Your writing should cover the following points:

  1. brief summary of the American westward movement (time duration, areas, people involved, and changes of these places, etc.)

  2. your new understanding of this movement (main feaures of the west, significance, etc.) as compared with your orinigal understanding and knowledge.

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之前一直被如何从github下载并安装扩展程序所困扰,我的微博图床已经很久用不了了(due to some reasons),据说只能自己安装,找了半天教程也没找到,没有办法只能弃而不用。现在终于找到了方法,参考了其他repo的README.md,下面来看具体过程。

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